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Ask the Expert: Choosing the right office chair

Office Refurbishment Group guide to choosing the right office chair:

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Finding the best office chair for your workplace

The 5 main considerations to get it right


10m Brits suffer pain almost daily impacting upon their quality of life (source: and back pain is the number two reason for long-term sickness in much of the UK (source:, so we at Office Refurbishment Group know the importance of back care when choosing office furniture.  People spend on average 7.7 hours a day (some up to 15 hours) sitting and most of this time is whilst you are effectively engaged with your computer (source:, so choosing the right chair for you is less about price and brand, and more about back safety and your own personal needs and preferences.


There are five main factors to take into consideration when choosing the right office chair: Lumbar Support, Adjustability, Wheel Base, Fabric/Colour and Swivel Base.

An executive office chair, usually used for meeting rooms, have really high backs and neck rests, but are not usually comfortable for long periods of time, and task or computer chairs, which are designed for use sitting at your desk in front of your computer, only go as high as your mid back.  Sometimes the most suitable chairs are the ones that are fully adjustable, in terms of height, back position and arm rests, to ensure the correct posture that supports the natural curvature of your back, preventing you from slouching and lessening the pressure put upon your wrists and elbows.

Material is the next consideration.  If you will be sitting on your chair for long periods of time, breathable material is the correct choice to stop you from getting hot and uncomfortable, but for long-lasting use, a stain-resistant fabric improves durability.

Next comes the base, a swivel base enables you to reach across an expansive desk with ease, whilst a swivel base is easier to move around, both in terms of office interaction or reorganisation, but don’t forget to consider the surface it will be on as wheels will work better on carpets than some other floors.

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