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Eliminate posture problems in the workplace with the Axia Smart Chair:

The perfect office chair for your workplace

The best support throughout the working day with the Axia Smart Chair

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Following on from our Ask The Expert post last week on back care, Office Refurbishment Group would like to recommend the Axia Smart Chair, proven to support your posture whilst working seated behind a Visual Display Unit (VDU) at the office.  The Axia Smart Chair addresses the following posture check list:

Continuous lower back and pelvis support

Spine in a natural ‘S-shape’

Arms are always supported due to non moving armrests (in dynamic mode)

No sliding forces

Feet are always in contact with the floor

Correct support in all VDU angles (typing, reclined, reading)

Relaxed seating position

Correct activation of muscles resulting in no circulatory problems


The Axia Smart Chair monitors the users’ seated posture and using smart technology, provides feedback in order to stimulate awareness of seating habits.  Using the patented mechanical movement in the chair and sensors, it suggests solutions to improve posture, resulting in a healthier user.

Sensors in the cushion register posture and a vibration indicates when a user has been sitting for too long in an incorrect position.  Data can also be accessed on each chair, via special software, so that recommendations can be given to each individual to improve their posture, therefore promoting healthier working.

Call Office Refurbishment Group today and let us help you choose the perfect office chair for your workspace: 01423 860 421 / 0113 350 3888

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